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Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Bridal tip

As I am getting married in 9 weeks time! I thought I would bridal tip post, just posting something that has really helped me plan the wedding and hopefully help you, because let me tell you now it can get very stressful!

So here it is Bridal Tip #1

Go to as many wedding fayres as you can and as early as you can! It might sound simple but some people forget that there are wedding showcases available and its a great way to see what is on offer and to also get some ideas.

I went to my first wedding fairs just a month after I got engaged and thought I knew what goes on in a wedding and what is required, but boy was I wrong! I left feeling overwhelmed and frustrated!! There is so much that goes into a wedding that you forget about - what kind of material chair covers you want, what colour, what pattern, photographers, invitations, save the date cards, what the veggies and anyone will allergies will eat, the list goes on! But as you go to different wedding fairs, you get a gist of what is required and are able to see what is on offer. This will allow you to put a list together and tick off what you have already sorted out.

Take loads of photos as this can really help when you want to look back, otherwise you will end up with a bag full of leaflets and forget who you actually thought was really good.

I would probably recommend taking a friend or your mum etc, with you to your first wedding fairs because no offence other half but you suck with wedding stuff and I know that all you want to do is go home.

Once when you have a better idea of what you need for your wedding, take your other half to the next one and bribe them with free cake!

This is a great website to see what is going on local to you

Just type in your city/ postcode and it will give you a list of different wedding fairs and when they are.

Photobooth fun 

Good luck!

Jasmin xoxo


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