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Monday, 30 January 2012

TV Moment - New Girl

I wanted to tell you all about this new TV show that came on like 3 weeks ago in the UK and its called New Girl. I think its the funniest TV show that I have ever watched and I normally don't like watching anything to do with comedy because I feel as though its too forced but this is AMAZING. Its basically about this girl called Jess who caught her boyfriend cheating on her so moves out and ends up living with three guys who she easily annoys. I honestly think that Zooey deschanel is such an amazing actress.

Below is a trailer of the show and make sure you all watch New girl! It comes on fridays at 8.30 on channel 4 (UK) and let me know what you all think of it :D

Jasmin xx

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Leap frog anyone? - Lush review

Hi guys, So my sister (who is five) has wanted the Leap Frog bath bomb from lush for quite a while after seeing the new edition of the Lush Times and we decided to go to Lush yesterday and buy it. The lady at Lush showed us how worked and we instantly loved it. It is such a fun, amazingly-smelling bath bomb. Once you put it in your bath, it instantly fizzes away releasing the most amazing aroma and making your bath all green.

What lush say "A fizzy amorous amphibian for a sexy sandalwood, rose and jasmine soak.This cheeky frog is such good fun to fizz away in the tub, leaving a bright pair of cocoa butter lips bobbling on the surface"

once put in the bath

2 seconds later

The red lips!

The frog turned into a prince! A little piece of paper came out of the frog. The lady at lush said that you either get a prince or a marriage proposal!!

The lips that were left once the bath bomb had fizzed away

The valentines day selection from lush

Leap frog is priced at £2.75. My sister and I will definitely be purchasing lots more before they disappear after Valentines day.

Have you guys tried Leap frog and is there anything from the valentines selection that you want to get??

Jasmin xx

Saturday, 21 January 2012

PhotoBooth with my sister

 My sister and I were playing around with the photoBooth effects and I thought I should share them with them. There's 13 years difference between us and  she means the world to me.

Jasmin xx

Friday, 20 January 2012

ShoeDazzle UK Closing down sale!

"We're very sorry to announce that will close after 31st January 2012 to focus on its US business" - ShoeDazzle

I received a email today, telling me that ShoeDazzle were closing down and everything is 50% off. I was sad to see that it was closing down because they offered a really nice choice of shoes. I preferred them to stylistpicks. So take advantage of the sale!

What did you think of ShoeDazzle?

Jasmin xx

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Cast of pretty little liars at People choice awards

I loved what the girls from pretty little liars were wearing at the people choice awards.

Ashley Benson (Hanna)

Lucy Hale (Aria) & Keegan Allen (Toby)

Shay Mitchell (Emily)

Whose outfit do you like the best?

Jasmin xx

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Confessions of a shopaholic - Book and Film review

I read the book written by Sophie Kinsella, last week. I loved reading every page of it and how she put the story together. The book has got so many LaughOutLoud moments. Its basically about a girl called Becky Bloomwood who works for a financial magazine and is given a overdraft limit on her VISA card by the bank however money on a card doesn't actually seem like real money. Becky uses shopping to help 'make the world seem better' and doesn't realise how much she spends until she receives her statement showing she owes thousands of pounds to many banks and companies. Becky then tries to stop spending as much money but can't stop herself.

When I saw the trailer for the film. I was immediately put off because they had changed the story line quite a lot (setting the film in New York). But I gave the film a chance and really liked it. I think that Isla Fisher portrayed the character of Becky Bloomwood very well and the film made me laugh equally as much. Even though the book and the film show that too much shopping isn't good for you; its made me want to shop even more LOL!

I would definitely  recommend both of these.

Let me know your thoughts.

Jasmin xx

Lush Haul!

Hey Guys!
Wow its been like forever since I last blogged. Sorry that I have been so MIA. I've just been so busy with uni and the work load is crazy.
Anyway I wanted to share with you all what I got from Lush. To those who don't know, Lush have a 50% sale on all their Christmas items.

I love love love the Think Pink gift set. If you are unsure about what you want for valentines day then Get This. I for sure am going to get it again. I love the products that they have put inside it.

So my lovely boyfriend bought me the Think Pink gift which retails at £39.99 but it was 50% off, so like £20. Which is a bargain for 11 products from Lush. I've wanted to get this one for ages because the packaging is so cute, it includes a lot of really good products and everything is PINK! 

What have you been loving at Lush? 

Jasmin xx

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year guys! How fast has 2011 gone?! I hope you all have a very good year.

Jasmin xx
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