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Thursday, 30 June 2011

Blush my world - Bobbi Brown

So I have been obsessed with the colour coral this year. It's everywhere which I am happy about. I have been looking for coral blushes and came across Calypso Coral by Bobbi Brown which is a cream blush. I have to say that this is my favorite blush and I wear this nearly everyday. It's a true coral with a hint of pink. After using a cream blush I definitely prefer them over powder blush. They stay on much longer, more pigmented and they reflect the light perfectly making your cheek bones look amazing. You can also put it on your lips and put a gloss on top. I was stuck between this blush and Nars Cactus flower but as I don't have a Nars in my town I went for Calypso Coral which I am happy about but I think I might order Cactus flower online.

 Is it sad that I look forward to putting this on in the morning?
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