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Sunday, 29 January 2012

Leap frog anyone? - Lush review

Hi guys, So my sister (who is five) has wanted the Leap Frog bath bomb from lush for quite a while after seeing the new edition of the Lush Times and we decided to go to Lush yesterday and buy it. The lady at Lush showed us how worked and we instantly loved it. It is such a fun, amazingly-smelling bath bomb. Once you put it in your bath, it instantly fizzes away releasing the most amazing aroma and making your bath all green.

What lush say "A fizzy amorous amphibian for a sexy sandalwood, rose and jasmine soak.This cheeky frog is such good fun to fizz away in the tub, leaving a bright pair of cocoa butter lips bobbling on the surface"

once put in the bath

2 seconds later

The red lips!

The frog turned into a prince! A little piece of paper came out of the frog. The lady at lush said that you either get a prince or a marriage proposal!!

The lips that were left once the bath bomb had fizzed away

The valentines day selection from lush

Leap frog is priced at £2.75. My sister and I will definitely be purchasing lots more before they disappear after Valentines day.

Have you guys tried Leap frog and is there anything from the valentines selection that you want to get??

Jasmin xx


  1. This looks amazing! I'm so sad I don't have a bath :( I love Lush and I feel like I'm always missing out.

    Great blog by the way, I also love New Girl...mainly for Schmidt.


  2. they r look fun. bath bomp from lush is great. i saw it a review form other bloggers.

    1. Yeah it really is fun :D Everything from lush is amazing, you have to try them out <3

  3. Ah this is absolutely adorable! I need to go find it haha :)
    Great blog! Following :)


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