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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

NOTD - Rimmel Sky High

This has to be my favorite nail polish at the moment. It beautiful bright turquoise blue and looks so pretty on. It really compliments my skin tone in my opinion. Two coats is enough as it is not as sheer as the 17 polish. I think that you should all go out and buy it because its a must have, if you love bright colours.

What colours are you loving at the moment?

Jasmin xx


  1. Aww the blue colour looks nice! I am loving pink and green right now...and always do :p hope your having a lovely week :))

  2. Love the blue nail polish, my fav colore is blue :P

  3. this turquoish blue is my fave color. so pretty! i need to try this color. great beauty blog... enjoyed looking at your posts. new follower, and hoping to visit again. cheers from usa!


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