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Thursday, 2 February 2012

My first award! :D

I have just been given my first ever blog award from the lovely Jennifer over at JenElizLouise, I'm so excited and I never thought that I would ever get a blog award so thank you Jennifer <3.
You should all go check her out because her blog is so interesting and I love reading her posts. You can check her  blog out here.

So the Liebster Blog award is for our favourite bloggers with under 200 followers who you believe deserve some recognition.

I would like to give the award to the following, who I believe deserve some recognition and you should all check out:

Macy: I love her photos and her blog is so informative about loads of new stuff

Sarita: This girl has got amazing style. Check her OOTD out

Fenni Yorena: Another really good stylish blog. Her blog is so quirky :D

Make sure you check the lovely girls out and thank you again Jennifer <3

Jasmin xx


  1. Thank you so much Jasmin! i'll post about this soon and promote your blog too =) btw, following you now..=)


    1. Your welcome and thank you too Macy xx

  2. Well done - you deserve it as your blog is brilliant X

    1. Thank you so much Louise that so kind.

  3. Amazing blog. Thank yu for leaving lovely comment :) I have followed you now xxx

  4. oh my god! thank you for giving me this award :) so happy :D

    I'm following you now, hope we can be friends. kisses


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