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Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Blush my world - NARS

Ok so I have heard so much about the infamous blush Orgasm by NARS and I got sucked into the hype. This was the first blush that I actually purchased. I had to get someone to buy it from America as I don't have a NARS in my city :/

This blush is really pretty. Its a soft peachy pink with gold bits in it and really shimmery. When I first tried it, I didnt like it much because it didnt really show up. But I applied more with a heavy hand and it showed lovely. I really do like this blush now, and wear it when its sunny as the sun reflects the shimmer and makes my cheek bones look wonderful. It is quite pricey (£20.50) I don't have any regrets about buying it. I have read that some think that Peaches by Mac is quite like Orgasm, I tried Peaches last week and I do admit it is similar just not quite as pinky.


  1. i regret not buying the original orgasm...I bought the super orgasm instead and i do not like it because it has waaaaaay too much glitter in it! :o

  2. Oh I haven't tried that before but I have heard a lot about it. Yeah I can understand that too much glitter can be a bad thing. This was such a blog post, I can do swatches if you like? xx


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