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Saturday, 21 May 2011

TV Rave - Kim and Kourtney take New York

Hey Girlies, how are you all? Sorry for the lack of blogging its because of exams coming up and all that stress. I'm taking my final exams for A levels which like determine whether I can go to university/college or not. So I have got to spend nearly all my time revising.
Anyway I have been loving Kourtney and Kim take New York it comes on 4music at 9pm Thursdays in the UK. I have always wanted to watch Keeping up with the Kardashians but theres way to much seasons for me to catch up on and when I saw the advert for this, I immediately got sucked in to it. Its basically a reality tv show about Kourtney and Kim's time in new york, with dealing with their new store Dash and all that stuff. I'm a sucker for Reality tv and I looove this show. Its a definite must if you are into that stuff. Kourtney and Kim are my favourites out of the sisters and they are gorgeous with their amazing sense of fashion. Its got drama and funny moments to :)
 What are you loving on tv?
Jasmin xx


  1. I love all of the Kardashians shows. Iv'e been a fan since the first season of Keeping up with the Kardashians. I'm a sucker for reality tv

  2. I have seen keep up with the kardashians. But i havent seen this one. They always seem to be busy doing some type of reality tv show. looks interesting! oh and good luck with your exams ! =]

  3. @Calisha Wow there's so much seasons I might try and watch them all in the summer haha

    @Jelena Thanks hunni I hate exams but can't wait until my big summer holiday :) yeah you should watch it, its really good :) xx


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