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Saturday, 7 May 2011

Music Of The Month

I'm currently obsessing over Jennifer Lopez and Nicki Minaj. I have always been a JLO fan since I was little and I think that she's always been amazing. Her new album Love? is different to what she has normally done but it is good, there's a lot of upbeat dancey music but she still has her classic slow love ones. . Her latest one I'm into you ft Lil Wayne is really good and the video is quite stunning, I'm loving her big curly hair in it. .

Nicki Minaj's new song is super bass which is so addictive. I recently got obsessed with Nicki, her music is so quirky and fun. She is such a talented rapper and singer who has worked with nearly everyone. I love the video to her song. Check it out.
Definitely get their albums, they are really worth it.
What do you think of the songs? and what are you currently loving?

Jasmin xx


  1. Omg i am sooooo in love with super bass! :)

    Thanks for the comment.Yeah its pretty annoying.I know everybody says to just move on.Im not giving up that easily.I cant do it.

    Btw Im following :)


  2. I'm obsessed with her song and video! she is amazing.
    Your welcome, I going through some guy trouble at the moment too and feel like pulling my hair out grrr, and good on you girl :)

    Thanks for following :) im following you too

    Jasmin xxx

  3. wow, she looks wonderful :D

    xxx London & Paris

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