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Thursday, 5 May 2011

Sleek lipstick fail

Hey girlies. So I was looking at the lovely Kaushal's blog and saw how lovely the sleek lipsticks looked on her which made me want to get some. Straight after college I went to superdrug and after alot of testing on my hand, I finally decided on 'vixen' and 'candy cane'. I thought they were both so pretty on my hand but didn't try them on in the shop because it makes me feel weird not knowing who has used it. When I got home, I tried them both on and sadly they don't suit me at all. Both of them just make look really dark than my natural colour and just look weird. Sadly I have to accept that I'm not a lipstick person and should stick to lipgloss. But don't be put off these colours they are lovely just not on my skin colour which is around a NC 43.5.

They are both sheen lipsticks which adds a gloss to the lipsticks. Vixen is really nice red and  Candy cane is a lovely coral hot pink.

They are priced at £3.99 but superdrug currently has an offer of buy two sleek lipsticks for £5.99

Jasmin xx


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